Types of blender you must get yourself acquainted with

As we all know that there are two types of this blender which are available in the market. So if you are going to purchase this juice blender, then you need to know about the options and which blenders suit your needs. There are different types of blender offered by various brands,and each of them has a variety of features. Choosing the right Blender can be a tough job. So let’s just look into some popular types of the blender.

Different types of blender 

  • Immersion blender: Immersion blender is also known as the stick Blender or the handheld blender. They are quite small blenders but are long as well as thin so that you can easily hold them from one side and there will be blades on the other side. If you are going to make very thin blending drinks, then immersion blender will be the perfect selection. It can make the smoothie or soup and can also blend the soft component of the veggies or fruits. You can also use the hot ingredients to blend in this blender. The blender is very much simple practical and quite easy when it comes to cleaning.


  • Stick blenders: Stick blenders are made from a very high-quality component and have a very compact design. This blender will come with the measuring beaker with blending jar. They also come with the turbo button and can control the speed from the range of 2 to 6.
  • Cordless blender: To satisfy the practical and the modern requirements this blender are widely used. They come with a rechargeable battery,and hence these blenders are quite heavier. They very much flexible when it comes to handling and quite portable.

These three are the popular type of blender which you can buy for your house depending on your requirements. Make sure the company of the blender is very much popular for ensuring safety and longevity. You can also visit del.icio.us for more information.