Following Key Principles of Healthy Living

Most people are not familiar with the concept of healthy living. The sedentary lifestyle in contemporary time is resulting in obesity and body overweight condition which can be measured by body mass index (BMI) in medical terms.  Anybody having BMI in the range of 25.0 to 29.9 is considered to be an overweight and those with BMI of 30 or more are considered obese. Dramatic increase in BMI rate worldwide is a major concern and is main cause of many adverse health issues like cardiovascular conditions. In today’s lifestyle, most people have preference for junk foods that takes them away from healthy lifestyle.


Guide to healthy living

Deteriorating health condition has created awareness in many people to follow healthy practices in life. Healthy lifestyle is an important factor to live disease-free life and to live longer. One must follow healthy routine for which help of some guide is necessary.Health conscious people always have priority for their life routine. is an online platform to gain knowledge about healthy life routine.

Key principles of healthy living

There are four key principles of healthy life – nutritious and balanced diet, regular workouts, sound sleep, and right supplementation. These factors are associated with each other. One should eat enough food which is required to carry our day to day activities and to meet daily calorific requirement. Excess diet and foods rich in carbs and bad fats are not good for health. Regular workouts help to burn excess fat by burning extra calories. Right food and physical activity are not enough for healthy living unless associated with sufficient hours of sleep. Generally, eight hours of daily sleep is recommended. Right supplementation is not least important because supplementation supports in food intake and physical activity through added benefits. Supplementation fulfils additional requirements of food components and helps in recovery process for lost components. One can lead a happier and healthier life by following these key principles.