Different types of hair loss and their treatments

Statistics says nearly 33 percent of women face hair loss at some stage of their lives. The percentage goes up to 60 in case of postmenopausal cases. The hair loss leads to thinning of the hair or visibility of bald spots. The normal society does not accept baldness in women that easily as in case of men. The women facing baldness tends to break down emotionally, her lifestyle also gets affected at times leading to disturbed and low-quality life. Beechooladies has spread its origin in this industry of treating loss of hair by implementing several updated techniques.

The hair losing ways are different for both men and women. The hair loss pattern in men generally starts from the portion above the temples and the hair takes the shape of the alphabet “M”.


With time the hair thins off in the middle of the head and the thinning process gradually leads to baldness. In case of women, the hair fall leads to thinning of the part-line which in turn causes diffused hair falling at the top of the head. But women normally do not face complete baldness.

The factors leading to hair loss are huge and can be listed as follows emotional depression, stress, medical conditions, physical stress, consumption of certain types of medicine and many more.  A person experiencing loss of hair must visit a dermatologist on a priority basis. Getting a proper treatment is possible only after the actual cause behind it is determined. In case the cause is related to depression or stress or any other emotional issue one should contact a concerned therapist who is experienced in dealing with such situations. Though hair loss is not a new condition rate of people facing this problem has increased. But to one’s relief beechooladies.com.sg has helped many in getting their problem solved.