Creating a Health Saving Account Never Been So Easy and Reliable

You know how medical insurance policies work. You need to pay premiums either yearly or monthly and your 80% of the medical cost is covered by the insurance provider. But in that case, your policies only work for health care you can’t spend on other expenses except for health.

People are more attracted to open health saving account (HSA). This is more easy to create, manage and easy access to your saving money.

An easy way to create Health saving account:

  1. It is never been easy to open an account through Just follow the steps and will not take more than five minutes to start saving money for your health.
  • Click on create account option.
  • Then chose whether it will be an employer or individual account. Most people create a personal account either for individual or for the family.
  • Then provide some personal information to initiate basic account like Name, email, password and phone number (optional).
  • Then select the transfer amount either full or partial.
  • If you have another HSA account, you can easily close it in provided option on the account creation page.
  • After that chose an option whether you this account for individual or family. The moment you select it, the process of HSA creation has done.


Reason to create HSA account:

Traditional HSA account may be a headache. Livelyme provides you a hassle-free way to create HSA account.

  • It is a tax-favored account for saving for your health.
  • Withdrawals and investments are tax-free.
  • You can use your saving money for another purpose except for health after the age of 65.
  • It will pay for your medical expenses including drug fees.
  • The account will create without any paperwork.
  • You can pay money through debit cards.
  • There are three different plans to choose HRA, HSA, and FSA.

This all can be done through online without spending time and energy. So open an account and invest your money on your health.