Can Nervousness Influence The Lie Detection Test?

It is true that the lie detection test will cause a fear and nervousness in the person, who is deceiving. However, even people, who are true, get this nervousness. The reason is that they fear whether a blame for no harm in them will come to them. So, most individuals taking up a polygraph test with professional services like liedetectors-uk have a doubt whether nervousness will create an impact on the test results.

What to remember?

The first and foremost thing to remember here is that a polygraph test is generally conducted in a controlled neutral environment. The examiners will make sure that there is a distraction as much as possible. Also, it will put the person being questioned to stay comfortable. Before getting into the actual questions, the enquirer will engage in a general conversation with the person being questioned. Further, the enquirers will create a friendly atmosphere to help the person being questioned to feel comfortable.

What is the purpose of the initial conversation?

The initial conversation will help the examiner to evaluate the person when he is normal. In turn, they can easily identify when some changes like increased heartbeat happen when he answers certain questions. Of course, in addition to this purpose, the initial conversation will ease the person being questioned to a certain extent. The aim is to find out whether he is nervous and identifying the ways to reduce his nervousness.


In short, there need not be any concern about the nervousness. A profession examiner at will put the person, who is going to be questioned in a relaxed state. It will happen even before the enquirer gets into the purpose of the polygraph test. So, nervousness will not be there in the minds of the person being questioned in most instances. Before he is actually questioned, he is first relaxed.