A detialed overview of synthetic urine

Synthetic urine is similar to human urine in terms of composition, appearance and chemical properties. It is very much effective in passing the urine tests or for checking any equipment in the laboratories. Synthetic urine has the same element like that of human urine as it is made of organic compounds and inorganic components like uric acid, creatinine, urea, ammonia, sulfates, phosphates,etc. which will have the same specific gravity and pH.


Why is it used?


Synthesis urine is actually made for testing the drug equipment as the human urine is not suitable. The routine of every person will be different in terms of composition and genetic predispositions. They have a wide variety of uses like in testing the diapers, urine therapy, drug tests,etc. Drug tests are mainly used in schools, workplaces, sports,etc.


For many years, people prefer to use the synthetic urine for testing their samples because they have the same composition like that of human urine. And it is very difficult to find out that it is not real urine. They also include many other agents like coloring, hormones estrogen, testosterone, and vitamin b12,etc.

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Does it work?


As we can see that it has the same component like that of original urine so it will work exactly like the human urine because they are produced by using the right concentration. Hence the person can easily hide their privacy. It is great for use in the medical test. But you must keep it at a temperature of 98°F because it is the exact temperature of human urine. So any common analysis cannot find out the error.


You can buy it both online and offline. It is quite a popular product,and you can surely try the online method because it is faster and is confidential and you can also get it at a reasonable rate. You can easily opt for quick fix urine as they are popular fora quick fix synthetic urine.